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About Our Computer Institute
COMPUTER WORLD RISE is a unit of Samaj Utthan Sanstha was legally established under the Guidance of Origination.

COMPUTER WORLD RISE was founded in 2007 as an institution of Computer Education & Computer Hardware Trade to develop and nurture the professional excellence in Computer Technology and Make Elegbl the growing demand for Computer professionals. Unlike the computer training shops, our Hope we Prepare and Educate A good Quality full Students they have Very Good quantity according to Requirement of industry.

Since its inception, COMPUTER WORLD RISE has gained a reputation for itself and for its professional training in Computer Professionals courses. It has been offering by revising them regularly to the changing needs of Computer Professional of Employment. After completing our courses the students become a professionals of computer. who have well with knowledge of computer professionals necessary skills and able to solve the real problems related to Computer Technology and other field of Implements .









Welcome To Computer World

Facilities Available at Computer World.

Fully Wi-Fi Zone

Fully Wi-Fi Class Room and Free Wi-Fi available for all Registered Students & Staffs

Offline & Online Library

We provide Online & Offline Computer Education Books for all students for Best Study.

Qualified & Experts Teachers

Computer World Appoints well Qualified & Experts Teachers for Teaching & Training.


  • What Our Students Says

    Learn All computer Courses With Offline and Online

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  • What Our Students Says

    For me the Computer world Rise is a unique establishment where life-long memories are formed. Coming back to the same Institute to study my Masters, after Accedmic Education with my undergraduate degree 15 years ago, felt like coming home. People from different cultures and backgrounds are treated with respect and dignity fuelled by guidance and encouragement from the teaching team, as well as supported by excellent resources. There are many opportunities to get involved within the university life and it is easily accessible due to its very good location, which is situated in the heart of Computer World Rise Bangali Market Hastinapur Meerut andComputer Education Studies