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Hello I am Ravindra Kumar Verma 

Dir. Computer World Rise

Since I began this Blogging 101 series, I have covered a lot of fun motivational topics to help you get started blogging, and now its time for some utilitarian type posts. This week I am geeking out to talk to you about the software and hardware you are going to need to get started. Good thing is, if you are reading this, you most likely have much of what I am going to suggest. Then next week, I will be going in-depth with a list of some more advanced items you may want to pick up if you are hoping to bump up your blog and produce some major content. But for now, as promised, the basics!

The first thing you will need is {dun, Dun, DUN!) a computer! Yes, I said this was going to start out pretty easy! So, you need a computer, and pretty much any one will do! I use a Macbook Air, before than a Macbook Pro and when I first started I was using the original White Macbook, but those were just the machines I had. You can certainly use a windows machine if that’s what you have, and wait for it, even a tablet if that’s all you have! Since all you’re doing it writing and uploading pictures, there are a variety of options available to you!

The next item you will need is a word processor! Not sure what a word processor is? Think Microsoft Word or Apple’s Pages. A word processor is a piece of software where you can write and edit… anything! I use a program called Scrivener that I have written about before. Check out this post if you would like to use Scrivener on your computer in conjunction with your iPad! Scrivener is a unique program because it was meant for writing books and longer pieces like articles and term papers, but if you write a lot, it’s a wonderful way to organize your work!

Next, you will need a camera, preferably with some sort of video capability as well! You could use a smartphone, I frequently use my iPhone 5 to take photos and video, but I also use a regular point and shoot. My point and shoot is an older Canon Powershot, nothing fancy, but it takes great photos, has lots of options and controls for taking photos, as well as a 720 HD video capture feature! You could use a DSLR if you have one, I will go more in-depth on that in the next installment of this series, but a camera is a camera and as long as it can take a decent shot, it will definitely do!

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